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Monday, March 11, 2013

Marcus Behmer (1879-1955) ... Ver Sacrum... illustrations

 photo MarcusBehmerVerSacrum1903FaustundWagner_zps89311b9c.jpg

Faust and Wagner 1903

 photo mb-1_zpsf6ff73f2.jpg

Angel of Death

 photo mb2_zpsb95375d0.jpg

Death on a tree

illustrations for Ver Sacrum ("Sacred Spring" in Latin)  the official magazine of the Vienna Secession. Published from 1898 to 1903

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Willy Pogany... illustrations from The Song Celestial 1934

from The Song Celestial (Bhagavad Gita) by Sir Edwin Arnold 
illustrated by Willy Pogany


Dwelling outside the stress
Of passion, fear, and anger; fixed in calms
Of lofty contemplation;


 The Doors of Hell
Are threefold, whereby men to ruin pass, --
The door of Lust, the door of Wrath, the door 
Of Averice.

" The elements, the conscious life, the mind,
The unseen vital force, the nine strange gates
Of the body, and the five domains of sense;
Desire, dislike, pleasure and pain, and thought
Deep-woven, and persistency of being;
These all are wrought on Matter by the Soul! "

 Chapter 13

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alfred Kubin... Der Asket (the ascetic) ...1910


"When I ventured back into the world of the living, I discovered that my god only held half-sway. In everything, both great and small, he had to share with an adversary who wanted life. The forces of repulsion and attraction, the twin poles of the earth with their currents, the alternation of the seasons, day and night, black and white - these are battles..."

from The Other Side  A.Kubin